It's Time for South Carolina to Catch the Pro-life Wave

There is a pro-life waves sweeping through Republican controlled state legislatures from Florida to Texas and from Georgia to Ohio. It isn’t a surf’s up, cowabunga kind of wave to take us on a Surfin’ Safari, but rather a heartbeat wave. Pro-life advocates in multiple states are pushing for a ban on all abortions after a baby’s heartbeat is detected. These “heartbeat bills” would ban abortions beginning at approximately the 6th week of pregnancy.

Kentucky passed their version of the bill earlier this month and both Tennessee and Georgia are on the verge of passing their own versions of a ban on all abortions after the baby’s heartbeat is detected. The Tennessee bill has passed the House and it being debated in the Senate. In Georgia, the Senate passed their version of a heartbeat bill that is now headed back to the House where a final version is expected to pass and be sent to Gov. Brian Kemp’s desk for his signature.

Mississippi caught the wave this past week when Gov. Phil Bryant signed his state’s heartbeat bill into law. When asked about those who opposed the bill and were likely to challenge it in court, Bryant said, “If they do not believe in the sanctity of life, these that are in organizations like Planned Parenthood, we will have to fight that fight. But it is worth it.”

To that, I say a hearty amen! Life is worth it! Saving the lives of future generations of South Carolinians is worth it! As a pro-life follower of Jesus Christ, I believe life begins at conception but I live with the realization that many people have trouble grasping the concept of conception and life occurring at the same moment.

However, the presence of a heartbeat changes the heart and the mind concerning life. Whether it is a mother hearing that first heartbeat on a monitor, or a child laying their head on their mother’s chest and being comforted by the sound of her beating heart, there are few things in this life that carry the power of a human heartbeat. In medical emergency situations the question is always, “Can you feel a pulse or hear a heartbeat?” When families gather around the bed of a loved one as they approach eternity, their eyes and often their ears, are fixed on that one unmistakable, undebatable symbol of life. . .the heartbeat. It’s the sound that ends all debate about the presence of life.

Maybe we should send some of our South Carolina lawmakers a stethoscope or invite them to take the time to listen to the sound of a human heart on any heart monitor. Most of them could probably check their own heartbeat on their watch or Fitbit. The human heartbeat is ubiquitous . . it comes at us from every corner of life pointing to both the fact and the value of human life.

It’s time for the South Carolina Legislature to catch the wave. There is a heartbeat bill in the South Carolina House, but apparently some lawmakers haven’t heard the sound. Recently, South Carolina’s version of the heartbeat bill came up for a hearing in a House sub-committee but opponents of the bill were able to monopolize the debate and run out the clock, preventing the committee from advancing the bill to the full House Judiciary Committee.

With time running out as we approach an April 9th deadline set by the Legislature for a bill to pass at least one house to be considered during this session, pro-life advocates need to rise up and call their state representatives. Call them today. . .tell them it’s time to join these other states and catch the wave. . .the heartbeat wave of life.

Dr. Tony Beam
Co-host of Christian Worldview with Tony and Hannah
Christian Talk 660AM and 92.9 FM